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I'm a winner!

I am sure I have won awards in several counties for my prize-winning baked beans, my rubs, and my pulled pork,

and such...


I'm a grilling genius!!!
I've been doing this since before I knew anything else. Then, I started doing it for other people and their events, because everybody said: "Bill, you are a grilling genius."

I drive a truck with my contact information on the side. It also says that we cater events. My wife, who is tired of my shenanigans but puts up with it anyway, is a saint.


We smoke meat, and I love beer. But, I can't drink like I used to, so I drink "un-beer" beer.

Grill Master - Bill Frenzel

Tip: "If you are going to smoke meat or, stand over a firepit or
Bar B Q outside in the summertime, in Kansas, make sure you Hydrate -

and find some sanity somewhere."
- Bill Frenzel

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